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[How to Hack Hiring] Your company brand and what it means to your job post!

In this edition of “How to hack hiring”, we look at what you need to do to improve your company’s image on a job post. Companies forget that not only do applicants need to know details about them before they consider applying, but that your job post is like an advertisement that showcases how good your company is. So we thought, why not show you how to leverage this to your advantage and kill two birds with one stone.

Check out the 3 things you need to consider adding to your job post if you want quality applicants flocking and applying to your job past the break.

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[How to Hack Hiring] Improve your job description

Many times, we see that a good job is wasted not because it is a bad opportunity but because it failed to catch a candidates interest due to a easily avoidable mistakes when creating job postings online. We decided to do a bit of research as to why candidates weren’t applying to jobs and post our findings on to our blog in a series of tips and tricks editorials called “How to Hack Hiring”. Our first edition focuses on the most important part of a job post; the job description, and why you need a killer job description to get quality candidates.

Check out our 3 tips on how you can improve your job description and get quality and relevant candidates after the break.

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How does TribeHired’s Referral Hiring work?

I was sitting in a Starbucks having coffee with a client and they asked me a question I thought was good enough to warrant a blog post: “So Devan, how does do referrals?” Well, to answer that, we have to look at the whole process first step-by-step. Bear in mind that this process is for our first-time users and clients who have never had a taste of referral hiring before.

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What is referral hiring and how can it help speed up the hiring process?

We usually get a lot of questions regarding referrals and what referral hiring actually is. I thought I would take this opportunity to explain a little bit about it and how it can help you speed up your hiring.


Personalized Hiring

See, usually when you are hiring someone to fill a vacancy, you have a specific character in mind. When sifting through resumes, you already have a rough idea what you are looking for in your future coworker. There is a common understanding in the industry that hiring gets difficult when you have to go through a lot of irrelevant data. Candidates who are not suitable for the job, candidates who are in different countries, candidates who don’t fit with the company culture, and so on.

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