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Get off you a** and find a job: A fresh graduate’s guide

So you graduated and don’t know how to go about finding a job. Well, this article serves as your go to guide (sort of) to landing that interview and getting a job. Read on to find out the steps you need to take to make your job hunt easier.

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Has the hiring manager seen the friend I recommended to the company?!*%!

As an employee, one of the frustrating things is knowing whether the hiring manager or Human Resources has viewed the resume of the friend you recommended to the company.

Not anymore, with TribeHired.

Whenever the hiring manager has viewed the resume, both the employee and their friend will be able to view if the resume has been read.


We  actually go one step better.  An employee can also see which of their talent recommendations their hiring manager likes or dislikes, and so better chance of an interview happening.


In the end, it’s all about taking the friction out of hiring, and making things transparent, and hence engaging for everyone involved.

[How to refer someone to a job] View everyone in your network that could fit your company

Wouldn’t it be great to get a bird’s eye view of everyone in your network that could fit a job a job in your company. That is, your friends, friends of your friends and even alumni from your university.

Here’s how you do it in a couple of simple steps.

step 1: Filter your news feed to show jobs at your company.

step 2: Our algorithm then mines your network and displays people that could fit this job.


step 3: select a talent and recommend them to your company.


That’s it! Hope you enjoy helping people find work that fits them.

[How to refer someone to a job] View jobs available at your friends’ company

After talking to several people, a cool request was to see jobs available in their friends’ companies, even though their friend did not post it. So now, when you open your newsfeed you will see jobs available available in your friends companies, that you can apply for or refer a friend to.

Step 1:  Add as many friends as possible via the People page

Step 2: Click on your news feed, to see jobs available at your friends company


Step 3: Refer your friends to those jobs

[How to refer someone to a job] See all my friends that could fit a job

Recently I was having a chat with someone from career services at Universiti Malaya. He mentioned it would be cool if he could see all the people in his network who were looking for work, that could fit a particular job.

With my mind in overdrive, we just released a feature that does exactly that. We hope recommending friends to a job is even easier now.

Step 1: Open your news feed, and see which of your friends is hiring

Our algorithm will immediately select people in your network that are looking for work who could fit this job


Step 2:  Select a friend to recommend


Simple as that!


[How to refer someone to a job] Helping out a friend

Recently a friend of mine had given me a call and he said he knew this great programmer, Mohammad, and was wondering if I had any openings in my company. I said no, but will see if there are other companies I can refer him to.

Here’s how I helped recommend Mohammad to a job.

Step 1: I sent an email invite to Mohammad


Step 2: Once he accepted my invitation, I got an email that he signed up to TribeHired.

I then went to the Peoples page to view his resume


Step 3: I viewed jobs that were matching him, and selected one


Step 4: If Mohammad is interested, the hiring manager will immediately get his resume and schedule an interview with him

The entire process was painless, while I helped someone with a big pain point, finding a job. And I think that’s special.


[How to refer someone to a job] Recommend someone in your network to your company

Employee referral is one of the most powerful ways to recommend someone to a job.

You are aware of your company culture, and you want to recommend someone who is one the same wavelength. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could see which of your friends’ friends are actually looking for work, so that you can intervene at the right time, and get them to consider that job in your company. At the same time, someone you can connect with over lunch : )

Step 1: Make sure you’ve been invited as a co-worker to your company


Step 2:  View your company newsfeed to see people who fit jobs in your company

The cool thing about this news feed is that it not only shows people who have an intention to look for a job, it also shows people your friends recommend. So you kill 2 birds with one stone. A good quality talent and talent who is looking for new opportunities.


Step 3: When you click recommend, the talent gets an email to see if they are interested in the job.

If they are interested, their resume goes straight to the hiring manager.

These scenario solves 3 big pain points employees have when recommending someone to their company.

1. Are any of my friends, or their friends, looking for work that fits the job description?

2. Are they good talent to refer?

3. How easy is it to refer to them?

Happy recommending!


[How to Hack Hiring] Your company brand and what it means to your job post!

In this edition of “How to hack hiring”, we look at what you need to do to improve your company’s image on a job post. Companies forget that not only do applicants need to know details about them before they consider applying, but that your job post is like an advertisement that showcases how good your company is. So we thought, why not show you how to leverage this to your advantage and kill two birds with one stone.

Check out the 3 things you need to consider adding to your job post if you want quality applicants flocking and applying to your job past the break.

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[How to Hack Hiring] Improve your job description

Many times, we see that a good job is wasted not because it is a bad opportunity but because it failed to catch a candidates interest due to a easily avoidable mistakes when creating job postings online. We decided to do a bit of research as to why candidates weren’t applying to jobs and post our findings on to our blog in a series of tips and tricks editorials called “How to Hack Hiring”. Our first edition focuses on the most important part of a job post; the job description, and why you need a killer job description to get quality candidates.

Check out our 3 tips on how you can improve your job description and get quality and relevant candidates after the break.

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How does TribeHired’s Referral Hiring work?

I was sitting in a Starbucks having coffee with a client and they asked me a question I thought was good enough to warrant a blog post: “So Devan, how does do referrals?” Well, to answer that, we have to look at the whole process first step-by-step. Bear in mind that this process is for our first-time users and clients who have never had a taste of referral hiring before.

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